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Bird flu in russia

The — flu pandemicalso known as the " Asiatic flu " [1] or " Russian flu ", was a pandemic that killed about 1 million people worldwide, [2] [3] out of a population of about 1.

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It was the last great pandemic of the 19th century, and is among the deadliest pandemics in history. The most reported effects of the pandemic took place from October to Decemberwith recurrences in March to JuneNovember to Junewinter of —, and early It is not known for certain what agent was responsible for the pandemic. Since the s it has been conjectured to be Influenza A virus subtype H2N2.

Modern transport infrastructure assisted the spread of the influenza. From St. The first case on American soil was reported on 18 December In four months it had spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The median time between the first reported case and peak mortality was five weeks. There was no standard treatment of the flu; quinine and phenazone were used, as well as small doses of strychnine and larger ones of whiskey and brandy, and as cheaper treatments linseed, salt and warm water, and glycerin.

A result of the Asiatic flu in Malta is that influenza became for the first time a compulsorily notifiable illness. Researchers have tried for many years to identify the subtypes of Influenza A responsible for the —, — and epidemics. Initially, this work was primarily based on "seroarcheology"—the detection of antibodies to influenza infection in the sera of elderly people—and it was thought that the — pandemic was caused by Influenza A subtype H2, the — epidemic by subtype H3, and the pandemic by subtype H1.

After the — SARS outbreakvirologists started sequencing and comparing human and animal coronavirusesand comparison of two virus strains in the Betacoronavirus 1 species, bovine coronavirus and human coronavirus OC43indicated that they had a most recent common ancestor in the late 19th century, with several methods yielding most probable dates around The calculation was based on genetic comparisons between bovine coronavirus and different strains of OC The young, the old, and those with underlying conditions were most at risk, and usually died of pneumonia or heart attack caused by physical stress.

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bird flu in russia

Redirected from —90 flu pandemic. For other uses, see Russian flu disambiguation. It is not to be confused with Asian flu. Walker 14 August Michael J. O'Sullivan 2 August Joseph Thomson.

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CRC Press. Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Social Issues. University of Maryland. Archived from the original PDF on 12 December Retrieved 25 March Science Creative Quarterly. The Asiatic flu, It was the last great pandemic of the nineteenth century.

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Washington Post. Retrieved 2 January Journal of Virology. Wired Science.In andan outbreak of Avian influenza subtype H5N8 occurred at poultry farms and among wild bird populations in several countries and continents, leading to the subsequent cullings of millions of birds to prevent a pandemic similar to that of the H5N1 outbreak in On 4 February, Saudi Arabian government reported an outbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N8 virus on a poultry farm.

The outbreak, which occurred in the central Sudair region, killed more than 22, birds in a few weeks. In the summer months, H5N8 was detected in wild birds in western Russia and Kazakhstanbecause this included waterbirds that migrate into northern and western Europe, it was considered likely that the virus would be detected there later in the year as would be confirmed in October—November.

On October 22, the agriculture minister Carola Schouten of the Netherlands confirmed that H5N8 had been found in samples from wild birds in the country. From late October to mid-November, it had spread to three chicken farms and a duck farm in the country, and thebirds in the farms had been eradicated to stop the spread.

bird flu in russia

According to official confirmed report from Ministry of Agriculture Foresty and Fisheries of Japan, multiple dead chickens were found in 36 places poultry farms, 15 of Shikoku Islandtwelve in Kyushu Islandfive in western Honshutwo places in Chiba Prefectureeach one of Awaji Island and Gifu PrefectureJapan on November 5, to January 13, According to local official confirmed report, these cases were highly pathogenic H5N8 type flu.

On November 10, South Korea's agriculture ministry said it had confirmed the highly pathogenic H5N8 strain of bird flu in samples from wild birds in the central west of the country and issued its bird flu warning. On November 27, China 's agriculture ministry reported that H5N8 had been found in wild swans in Shanxi provincewhile Norway detected its first case of the highly pathogenic H5N8 strain of bird flu in wild geese in Sandnes municipality, prompting the Norwegian Food Safety Authority to introduce a regional ban on outdoor poultry.

The H5N8 avian influenza was reported in two districts of Indian state of Kerala in early January which killed hundreds of birds in late December Thousands of birds were culled.

Avian influenza outbreaks of unknown subtypes were later also reported in five other states of India. On January 15, authorities in Namibia suspended the importation and transit of poultry from European countries where an outbreak of the Avian influenza subtype H5N8 has been reported.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from H5N8 outbreak. Influenza Flu Types. See also. Flu season Influenza evolution Influenza research Influenza-like illness Vaccine reformulations. Khaleej Times. Retrieved 5 February European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. The Poultry Site. Retrieved 10 November Hindustan Times. Retrieved The New Indian Express. Influenza A virus subtypes.The current flu season is on track to be one of the worst in a decade.

According to the CDC, between million people have caught the flu since October and between 10, people have died. But as bad as the seasonal flu is this year, it pales in comparison to some of the biggest flu pandemics in history. However, even after the invention of the vaccine, pandemics still happen because flu viruses evolve very quickly. Here are five of the largest epidemics in recent history:. Petersburg but it soon spread across Europe and the world. It was one of the first epidemics that was covered regularly by the developing daily press.

Newspapers wrote about the local spread of the disease and also discussed the situation in other distant European cities thanks to telegraph reports. It is estimated that around 1 million people died of the Russian Flu. It was caused by an H1N1 virus.

Some victims died within mere hours or days of developing symptoms. The pandemic was so far reaching in part because of World War I troop movement. There were also no vaccines stop the spread of the virus at the time, no antiviral medications to help treat it, and no antibiotics to treat secondary bacterial infections that can come with the flu.

All that people could do to contain the spread of the disease was wash their hands, avoid public gatherings and quarantine the sick. Approximately 1. Most of the cases affected young children, the elderly and pregnant women.

While deadly, the death rate in this pandemic was relatively contained because a vaccine was rapidly developed and made available. There were also antibiotics available to treat secondary infections. According to the CDC, approximately 1 million people around the world died from this pandemic, andof those deaths occurred in the United States.

Ina new kind of influenza A H1N1 virus emerged in the United States and spread quickly around the world.

The virus was designated as H1N1 pdm When a vaccine was finally made, it was not available in large quantities until late November, after the illness had already peaked. The CDC estimates that between-people died worldwide during the first year that the H1N1 pdm09 virus circulated. Daily 21 Today. Cold and Flu. By Simone M. Scully January 31, Victims of the Spanish flu lie in beads at a barracks hospital on the campus of Colorado Agricultural College, Fort Collins, Colorado, Denver Post employees get flu shots in November A colored transmission electron micrograph of the H1N1 swine flu virus particles from the April outbreak.

Hidden Weather Icon Symbols.The Dutch authorities are racing to contain a bird flu outbreak at two poultry farms and the same strain - H5N8 - has also infected chickens and wild birds in north Germany. A farm in the eastern Dutch town of Puiflijk and another nearby have been told to cullchickens. Chickens are also infected at a small poultry farm in Nordfriesland, part of Germany's Schleswig-Holstein state.

Health experts say people should avoid touching sick or dead birds, and chicken and eggs are safe to eat if cooked thoroughly, as that kills the virus. A poultry farm in Frodsham, north-west England, also has cases: a cull of 13, birds was ordered there on Monday.

A smaller cull is under way at a farm in Kent, in the south-east, where the H5N2 avian influenza strain was detected this week. H5N8 has been detected in migratory birds from Russia. A huge cull was carried out on farms in Russia's western Kostroma region late last month, to contain an outbreak.

2020–21 H5N8 outbreak

Containment zones have been set up around the farms, as well as around the north German farm in Oland, Nordfriesland. Farmers have been urged to keep their poultry indoors. German public broadcaster NDR says more than 1, dead wild birds - mainly geese and ducks - have been found on the Nordfriesland coast, most likely infected with bird flu. Germany's worst bird flu outbreak was inwhen more thanbirds were culled nationally. The Netherlands is Europe's largest exporter of chicken meat and eggs, employing 10, people on 2, farms.

The Dutch culled more than 30 million chickens, ducks and other fowl in a major bird flu outbreak inthe BBC's Anna Holligan reports from The Hague. Avian flu: Thousands of birds culled at Cheshire farm. Bird flu: What threat to humans? H5N8 is very low-risk for humans, but the economic cost can be significant. The Dutch farms affected are just outside Nijmegen, 30km 19 miles from the German border. Related Topics.

bird flu in russia

Germany Netherlands Agriculture. More on this story. Published 2 November Published 18 November Kazakhstan has reported several outbreaks of highly pathogenic bird flu in backyards and villages near the Russian border, the World Organisation for Animal Health OIE said last week.

Deputy agriculture minister Gulmira Isayeva told a briefing on Monday that the virus, which was most likely brought to the Central Asian nation by wildfowl from across the border, was confirmed to be the H5N8 strain. She said Kazakhstan has nevertheless quarantined the affected areas in several provinces and will carry out mass vaccination of poultry and compensate farmers who have reported tens of thousands of domestic fowl deaths.

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Visitors listen to the music presented at night with an instrument called "djembe," unique to West Africa, around the fire in Lompoul desert in Senegal on Dec.

bird flu in russia

A man wearing a face mask walks past a billboard reading in Serbian and Chinese, "When two friends join forces together, a dream railway will be made," in Belgrade, Serbia, on Dec. A Buddhist devotee lights incense sticks while offering prayers during Poya, a full moon religious festival, at the Kelaniya Buddhist temple in Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, on Dec.

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How Pakistan folk band changed Pashtun narrative.The ministry said in a September 17 statement that 10 villages and towns were placed under quarantine after birds died en masse between September 9 and September 16 in the North Kazakhstan Region's seven districts and tests results on bird flu came back positive. In accordance with international regulations, Kazakhstan informed the World Animal Protection and the World Organization for Animal Health about the outbreak, the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry also said that measures are under way to prevent the spread of the bird flu, namely the burning of the dead birds and the disinfection of poultry farms and territories close to them.

The ministry has also decided to start vaccinating birds in the area and neighboring regions of Qostanai and Pavlodar, as well as in some districts of the Aqmola region that surrounds the capital, Nur-Sultan. Search Search. Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan.

Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia. Belarus Ukraine. Previous Next. September 17, GMT. Subscribe via RSS. Editors' Picks. Magnitsky Sanctions. Inside 'Putin's Palace'. New Feature Alert Signup Widget. Back to top.Although no new cases of dead poultry have been reported, vets are visiting every house in the village to make sure fowl is isolated.

Police have set up roadblocks around the village and doctors are monitoring the health of residents who may have been exposed to the virus. At the moment no humans have been found affected by the respiratory diseases.

Meanwhile, Russia's Chief Medical Officer, Gennady Onishchenko, says health officials are poised for further outbreaks. The disease is highly contagious for humans. The first deaths were reported in Hong Kong inwhere 6 people died.

Inbird flu became an international threat when thousands of birds throughout Eastern Asia were infected. Two years later the virus spread through Kazakhstan and Russia to Europe.

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Russia reports H5N8 highly pathogenic bird flu on a farm: OIE

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Get short URL. Follow RT on. Doctors fear villagers in Vozdvizhenka in the Primorsky region may have been exposed to the virus. Local authorities are sending more medi. Anatoly was instructed to kill and burn the remaining forty birds in his hen house. They are also disinfecting property and vaccinating fowl in nearby villages. The quarantine will last for at least three weeks.

So far more than people around the world have died from bird flu. Media News. RT News App. All rights reserved. Accept cookies.


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